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Location de bateaux pour 2024 ERCC

2024 European Coastal & Beach Sprint Championship

Welcome to the Swift Racing online booking page for the 2024 ERCC.
If you are looking for more information about the regatta, please visit this link:

Whether you are a long-time Swift customer, or this will be your first experience in a Swift, we are here to help you have a great experience at the 2024 ERCC in Gdansk, Poland.

Swift Racing was established in 2005 and since that time, due to its quality and wide range of hull sizes, has become the boat of choice for many rowing clubs around the world, as well as performing at the very top level, winning medals at U19, U23 and Senior World Championships.

Regards Coastal Rowing, Swift Racing has quickly become the leader, with crews in our boats winning over half of all medals at the 2021, 2022 and 2023 WRCC.

We believe Swift Racing has the best range of coastal boats of any boat builder, which will help you to perform and have fun on the water.
Swift Racing coastal boats are designed and developed to excel in coastal conditions, meeting and surpassing all FISA requirements.

Please be sure to read the following before booking your boat.


Price is EUR200 per seat (excluding coxes) for the whole event including training.
The early bird price is EUR180, for bookings before May 10th. (Use discount code ERCC2024EARLY at checkout)
For every race rental, every crew member will receive a free gift (choice of caps, seat pads, water bottles).
Price for Swift oars is EUR60 per pair. Early bird is EUR50 per pair for bookings before April 30th.


Cancellations are free of charge until May 20th 2024.
We will not refund the rental fee after the above date if you cancel your booking or if World Rowing or the organizing committee cancel the regatta.

Top5 Refund:

We will refund the full rental fee to any crews renting and using Swift boats that finish in the Top5 of the A finals.

Training times:

Please check the regatta website for training days and times.
Now you can book your training time on 18th and 19th.
We will try as much as possible to allocate the same boat for the whole week, training, and racing.
Due to increase in demand, sometime this might not be possible, but we guarantee you will row in the same hull shape for the whole event.


To make it easier for everyone, we need to set a fixed span and pitch on all boats. Changing span and pitch between races would be too complicated to manage.
Span will be 160cm and pitch will be zero degrees.
All our oars are set at zero degrees.
You will be able to set for each training and race:
  • Stretcher position
  • Stretcher height
  • Work height
  • Oar length
  • Oar inboard


Please bring with you at least a set of 10mm and 13mm spanners, a tape measure, a Phillips screwdriver and a flat-blade screwdriver.


In the event of damage to the rental boat or oars, however it is caused, the liability of the crew is limited to the damage deposit of EUR100 per crew member. When a crew comes to our tent to collect their boat, they need to bring this damage deposit with them in cash.
It will be returned when the boat is returned with no damage.
If any damage does happen during training and racing, let us know as soon as you can so that we can fix any problem before the next crew goes on the water.

Boats handling:

Basic rowing boat handling applies! Treat your rental boat as if it was your own!
  1. You can lie boats on fine sand but dig a deep enough hole for the fins of CO1x and CO2x.
  2. Do not drag boats on the sand. Please lift them up if you need to move them. We will supply a lot of trolleys for 2024.
  3. To determine the best stretcher position for you, you may sit in the boat 1 time only, during a training session. Please make sure the boat is placed on our yoga mat, near our tent
  4. Remove the CO4x+ rudder well before landing on the beach.

Before racing:

Before going to race, you need to check that all nuts are tight, as well as seat rails, close hatches firmly, and check that your boat is empty of water.


C1x will have bow mounted wing riggers
C2x and C4x+ will have folding riggers.
All boats will be equipped with Active Tools shoes.
If you want to use your own shoes, make sure they are attached to your own shoe plate for quick and easy change over.
For more general information to our coastal boats click here:


Swift Racing coastal oars have the strength and toughness needed to cope with the full mix of extreme conditions that you will encounter – turbulent winds, rough water, severe swirls, oar clashes, collisions with other boats, to name just a few.
Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats and oars combine the strength, durability, and performance you’ll need to ensure that you have the edge, in all conditions.
You will be able to set length and inboard before each training and race.
Oars are not included in the boat price.

If you wish to book oars, price is EUR60 for the whole regatta including training days.

Crews that rent boats agree that Swift Racing may use images of the crew.

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If you have any question, please contact us at